20 June 2018. 

,,真br闚ka" hotel

address: 6 Olgi Gabiec Street, Bialowieza 17-230
phone: +48 85 681 23 03
fax: +48 85 681 25 70
website: www.hotel-zubrowka.pl
places: 200

Zubrowka Hotel is the four star object situated in the strict center of the Bialowieza Forest. Since December 2002 it belongs to the renown international Best Western Hotels which is the biggest hotel network worldwide. This is also a perfect object for family recreation with peaceful apartments and friendly atmosphere or an ideal place for the conferences, symposia and various types of integration events with the back-up facilities such as additional services rendering the stay in Bia這wie瘸 unforgettable.

,,Bia這wieski" hotel

address: 218B Waszkiewicza Street, Bialowieza 17-230
phone: +48 85 681 20 22, +48 85 681 20 23
website: www.hotel.bialowieza.pl
places: 120

group reservations: phone +48 85 744 43 80
fax. +48 85 744 45 34


Bialowieski Hotel offers one apartment and 63 double rooms said to be comparable with the Swiss standard. All rooms at the hotel come with a bathroom, TV SAT, telephone and radio. However you may choose a boarding house situated opposite the Narewka river, about 150 meters from the Bia這wieski hotel. The hotel assures Conference Centre as well, it's a meeting point of the corporate, cultural and diplomatic circles of contemporary Poland. High-tech audio-visual equipment allows for a professional organisation of trainings, seminars, conferences and presentations.