20 June 2018. 

Human presence marks on the area of Bialowieza district nowadays show, that settlement existed here already in the early Stone Age. The oldest ones date back the neolith, so they are nearly 5 thousand years old. In 1827 in Stara Bialowieza range, in the woods was discovered flat skeletal cemetery and till 1976 in the Bialowieski National Park area were stocktaken 30 barrow stands.

In the XIIIth century Bialowieza's surroundings were border area of Duchies: Mazowieckie, Wolynskie, Lithuanian and Jacwieskie Tribes. In this time Tartar's, Teutonic Order's and then Lithuanian raids caused depopulation of Bialowieska Forest. Since the beginning of Wladyslaw Jagiello reign, Bialowieza belonged to Poland. First records about Bialowieza's settlement refer to 1639, when Wladyslaw the IVth Waza's farm and court stand here. Next court was built in August the IIIrd Sas time. In 1775 in the village were 20 houses. After the 3rd partiton of Poland in 1795 till 1915 Bialowieza was annexed territory of Russia. Surrounding areas of the forest were embraced by national movements then. During the november raising in 1831 all the forest rangers joined the raising. During the january raising in 1863 against Russian army fought here Roginski, Duchinski and Wroblewski divisions. Since 1915 till 1918 Bialowieza's area was under Second German Reich occupation. After the Ist World War ending in 1919 Polish divisions entered Bialowieza.

In June and July 1920, near the Bialowieza took place two skirmishes of Polish and Russian armies. In 1924 in Bialowieza was located a National Forest District Board. On 1st October 1939 Bialowieza was bombarded by the Luftwaffe - bombs damaged seriously an orthodox church, they hit also areas near military field hospital in one of the palace flanks, not making any damage though. After occupying Bialowieza by the 3rd German Armoured Division, it was handed over to the Russians, who occupied it since 1939 till 1941 and displaced many people to Siberia. After Germany attacked Soviet Union, Bialowieza was again occupied by the Germans. 322nd German police battalion commited in Bialowieza and surroundings (inter alia in a gavel pit) many murders on local people. This was the area of increased guerilla warfare movements. In 1943 "W imie Ojczyzny"/"In the name of Fatherland" partisan brigade, Russian guerille divisions and AK divisions worked here. Since the end of 1944 and 1945 in the area of Bialowieska Forest worked major Zygmunt Szendzielarz "Lupaszka" division as well.

On 25th July 1944 in Moskow, Joseph Stalin together with a delegation of PKWN (E.Osobke-Morawski, A.Witos) divided Bialowieska Forest between Poland and BSRR. Bialowieza however remained in borders of Poland.