20 June 2018. 
Pedestrian and bicycle tracks

Bialowieza - Hajnowka
(the green track, 25 km)

The track leads through the Wladyslaw Szafer Scenic Reserve, which preserves Bialowieska Forest's fauna, flora and barrows from the X-XIIIth century. Halfway, the track cuts Hajnowka - Bialowieza road in the place of 'Zwierzyniec' Parking. The next stop on the route is a Bison Reservation where you can see animals living in the forest or benefit some local handicraft. The track ends in Hajnowka.

Bialowieza - Topilo
(the yellow track, 19 km)

The track leads along the forest routes via the 'Podcerkwa', 'Berezowo', 'Olszanka Mysliszcze', 'Michnowka' reserves. They preserve butterfly existence places. The track ends in a forest settlement Topilo, where is located the last stop of the narrow-gauge railway, dams, once used to wood flotation and a beautiful place to rest under a wooden breezeway. Around dams there was led an educational path 'Forest Oddities'/'Lesne Osobliwosci'.

Bialowieza - Czerlonka Settlement - Zwierzyniec
(the blue track, 17 km)

The track begins next to the old, historical, wooden Bialowieza Towarowa terminal (Carska Restaurant nowadays) and leads through Podolany I and Podolany II villages to the Forest Education Center 'Jagiellonskie'. Afterwards we follow Jagiellonska route through the Czerlonka settlement to the Zwierzyniec settlement.

Bialowieza - "National Memorial Places"
(the red track, 14 km)

The track starts in Bialowieza and leads through the whole town (Waszkiewicza street, Tropinka street, Management Park/Park Dyrekcyjny, Browska street, Wojciechowka street). It partly coveres an educational route 'Forest's Landscapes'/'Krajobrazy Puszczy'. Then it passes next to the old, historical Bialowieza Towarowa terminal to the Forest Education Center 'Jagiellonskie'. Afterwards it leads via Podolany I and II till we reach Bialowieza. The track shows us World War II martyrdom places and we can visit an old gravel pit.

Bialowieza - Siemianowka
(the blue track, 41 km)

The track leads next to the forest village's heritage park to Pogorzelce village, where we can see genuine wooden architecture of a Podlasia's village. Afterwards it crosses Old Bialowieza/Stara Bialowieza wilderness ('King's Oaks and Lithuanian Princes Trail'/'Szlak D瑿闚 Kr鏊ewskich i Ksi捫徠 Litewskich educational route is located there). Then the track leads via Gruszki, Babia Gora (with a viewtower) and ends in Siemianowka, where you may admire a John the Vanquisher's/Jerzy Zwyci瞛ca's Orthodox Church from the XVIIIth century. A curiosity is a fact that the village lies below the Siemianowka's dam water level and is protected with a bank.

Bialowieza - Narewka
(the yellow track, 21 km)
The route leads via Pogorzelce village and Old Bialowieza/Stara Bialowieza wilderness, where is located 'King's Oaks and Lithuanian Princes Trail'/'Szlak D瑿闚 Kr鏊ewskich i Ksi捫徠 Litewskich educational route. Then it leads along Narewkowska route through Janowo to Narewka.

Kosy Most wilderness - Masiewo
(so-called 'Wolf Trail'/'Wilczy Szlak', the green track, 16 km)

The track is located within Bialowieski National Park. It starts in Kosy Most wilderness, where stands a viewtower destined for bird watching in the Narewka's valley mainly. Then the track leads to a 'Wolf Trail' wilderness (hence the track's name) and then among Bialowieza's hard beams and oaks to 'Capercaillie'/'Gluszec' wilderness. It ends in Masiewo at so-called Masiewska Glade.

Masiewo - 'Capercaillie'/'Gluszec' wilderness - Masiewo
(the red track, 6,5 km)

It's a devious track around an old 'Capercaillie' reserve joined in 1996 with the Bialowieski National Park. You can see there moors and many kinds of endangered plant species (eg. deeproot clubmoss). The track has a mutual part with the 'Wolf Trail' and crosses Hwozna Bialowieski National Park's Protective Area. It starts in Zamosze settlement near Masiewo and ends not so far at Masiewska Glade.

'The Force's Places'
(the black track, 5,5 km)

It's an old-slavonic place of worship - the stone ring. We can admire there a mystical aggregation of trees (distorted spruces, oaks, pear trees and mays). Radiestets, which researched this area discovered there a high level of so-called positive radiation.

"Carska Tropina"
(the black track, 4 km)

It's an old hunter's route starting near the viewtower in Kosy Most (along the track were built footbridges and a viewpoint by the Narewka river).

Hajnowka - Narewka 'Partisan Fight's Track'
(the red track, 22 km)

It's a perfect jaunt place for trips around Bialowieska Forest. The track starts in Hajnowka and crosses 'Lipiny' and 'Szczekotowo' nature reserves. The 'Lipiny' reserve was created to preserve the only common oak stand in the Forest and the mysterious 'Szczekotowo' reserve preserves old-slavonic barrow boneyards from the X-XIIIth century. An orthodox shrine with a wonderful water hole called 'Krynoczka' is a very interesting place of this track. In 1999 there was celebrated 150 years of the chapel. Traveling continously along the Lipinski route you reach Swinoroje village where is located a camp site and 'Under the Oaks'/'Pod Debami' educational route of a 'Bialowieska Forest's Woods' Forest Promotion Complex. The track ends in Narewka.

Hajnowka - Orzeszkowo - Hajnowka "January Insurrection's Marks Track'/'Szlak Sladami Powstania Styczniowego'
(the blue track, 31 km)

The track has a tourist ringroad capacity. It leads along forest's border to Orzeszkowo village, where are located a monument of insurgent's executed by firing squad in 1863 and a cross from the World War II placed there by the inhabitants to express their gratitude for saving the village from a fire. Next stop on the track is a 'Tzar Oak'/'Car Dab' considered as one of the biggest trees of the forest, although it's been withered for some years now. Moving east we'll reach narrow-gauge railway track. Whole route leads near the 'Gleboki Kat' reserve, which was created to preserve a spruce coniferous forest. The track ends in Hajnowka.